Moringa Oil

Shelf Life : 36 months

Bulk Packaging Options : 1 litre bottle, 5 litre or 30 litre jerrycan, 200 litre drum

Our unique Moringa Oil (TIMOR MORINGA®) have many characteristics that cannot be found in moringa oil of other origin, please read more about its uniqueness at our website. We only provide 100% pure, virgin, cold pressed moringa oil, which is very nutritious for the skin, hair and body

Moringa oil can be used for :

  • Face and body application (as Pure Moringa Oil Serum)
  • Ingredient in creating cosmetic products (shampoo, face cleanser, lotion, cream, body butter, body wash)
  • Blending with essential oil to make massage oil (moringa oil as carrier oil)
  • Alleviating arthritis, joint-related pain (moringa oil has strong anti-inflammation properties)
  • Direct human consumption as salad oil
  • Making moringa oil soft gels for cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health


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