Moringa Leaf Powder


Moringa Leaf Powder

Shelf Life : 18 months

Bulk Packaging Options : 1 kg or 4 kg alufoil, 25kg duplex drum

All the goodness of Moringa Leaves in form of very fine powder, available in 200mesh and 500mesh. This product is very versatile in its use. There are many ideas and ways on how to use the moringa leaf powder :

  • BLEND into your water, juices, cocktails, milk, coffee, smoothies, yogurt, ice cream
  • SPRINKLE into cereals, granolas, salads, dressings, roasted vegetables, condiments, salsas, egg dishes, pasta, mash potatoes, risotto, porridge etc
  • STIR into soups, casseroles, stews, dips, sauces, dressings, condiments
  • BAKE into savoury bread, pancake, brownies, muffins, cookies, biscuits, cakes, snacks, noodles (simply add some powder to flour and the resulting product will have the natural green color of moringa)
  • COMBINE it with your creativity to create new unique products for the market such as moringa jam, moringa mayonnaise, moringa cream filling, etc


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